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Aldeas Fotos De Casas De Terraza En Guatemala

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Aldeas fotos de casas de terraza en Guatemala – Guatemala is a country rich in homegrown heritage and indigenous peoples, but the poverty crisis has weakened many of its citizens. Guatemala is experiencing a housing crisis that has widened the housing gap to more than 1.8 million households. With 54% of people living below the poverty line, access to housing is rare. It also affects other important areas such as hygiene, food safety, job search and access to education. The main priorities of humanitarian organizations in Guatemala are housing, education and medical care.

Here in the tropics, is aldeas fotos de casas de terraza en Guatemala  it’s the shade not the stove that refreshes and brings people together,” says Bruno Stagno about tropical architecture.

Guatemala has been building its shadow over the years. We find 3 examples that propose interesting responses to this climate. Projects that materialize both large roofs with slopes to provide shade and evacuate rainwater quickly. And perforated facades that allow the entry of breezes and interior ventilation.

About Aldeas Fotos De Casas De Terraza En Guatemala

About Aldeas Fotos De Casas De Terraza En GuatemalaResidency in Guatemala is the cornerstone of finding permanence and stability. Many Guatemalans live in inadequate housing, are homeless, or rely on makeshift shelters built from scrap materials. Housing reduces the risk of disease from enteric contamination, improves sanitation, strengthens physical protection. And provides warmth during the winter months. These benefits are essential to stabilize external conditions and reduce the impact of poverty.

Each year’s mission trips involve students from the beginning to the end of their stay. Each year, participants first raise funds for building materials. The volunteers then build the house in just five days. At the end of the construction projects, the keys are given to each family, reflecting a new reality for them. Thus, these students “not only build homes, but provide homes.”

Plan B Guatemala / DEOC Architects

Plan B Guatemala was formed in response to the devastation caused by the eruption of the Fuego volcano in June 2018. ASIAPRODE Association initiated a project to build 26 houses to meet the needs of the affected communities. In an open competition, DEOC Arquitectos submitted a proposal that meets the established requirements, user profile and natural context.

The house fosters a rural lifestyle, in contact with the outdoors. Where relatives can share spaces with the rest of the public, extended family and domestic animals. This is one reason for the open-face aesthetic design, which results in a more versatile use of space. It also allows local lifestyles and customs to prevail and be passed down from generation to generation.

Construction uses materials that are durable and easy to find and work with, such as concrete blocks, bamboo, and steel plate roofs. Concrete blocks were used prominently in various arrangements. Creating a permeable mesh that shielded the interior from the exterior, allowing natural ventilation to all spaces. Although it is a movable model, the pop of color within the holes of the concrete blocks allows families to make a quiet but strong statement to project their personalities. Giving a strong sense of community connection.

La Cabañita / Paz Arquitectura

Text description provided by architects. La Cabañita attempts to integrate into the natural environment of a forested area on the outskirts of Guatemala City, questioning the idea of proportionality of spaces and attempting to erase the borders between interior and exterior in a certain way. The creative project was built in 1985, and contained of a small cabin with a large cantilevered platform. The actual cabin is built using a triangular metal structure whose beam structure allowed the platform to fly over the mountain slopes. The cabin only had a small social area, a kitchen and a small bedroom upstairs.

30 years after its construction, the owners requested an extension to achieve more formal spaces with proportions suited to their contemporary lifestyle. A forest grew up around the original cabin and the vegetation occupied an important place throughout the project. The design strategy consisted of respecting the original cabin, as the space. Vulnerability and permanence of its architectural setting were valued. Given the need for social areas and individual bedrooms, two independent modules were built on each side of the original cabin.

Guatemala Beach House / Christian Uchita + Roberto Galvez

Guatemala is known for its culture, its perfect climate and its incredible scenery. The four houses that make up the Guatemala Beach House project are situated on the site of a 1950s beachfront development on the country’s Pacific coast, an area that has undergone many changes over the years. Because the beach is slowly spreading towards the sea.

In the words of architect Christian Ouachita, one of the designers of the project, “We started with the idea of creating houses that would be an escape for residents whose main homes are in the country’s crowded and polluted capital. So the main objective was to It was to “make these houses as less urban as possible.” The project brief was to design a group of houses for a large family that enjoys spending time together and the independence of each individual family. “Our solution was to design one house and then build four variations of that house based on the different needs of each family”. Explained designer Roberto Galvez, the firm’s principal architects. There is another part.


In conclusion of Aldeas fotos de casas de terraza en Guatemala It is estimated that more than one million houses in Guatemala are paved with materials collected from corn stalks, sugarcane and garbage. During the wet months, June through November, wind-driven rain seeps through walls, drips from roofs, and often turns dirt floors into parasitic mud. Of course, lattice walls provide little privacy and no security, leading to theft of family belongings as well.

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