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What Are The Best Vitamins For Hair?

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Best vitamins for hair have an essential role in the body’s functioning. Their importance is seen in the results presented when they are missing. For example, if the hair does not have all the vitamins it requires, it can start to fall out. Therefore, it is essential to be clear about which vitamins are necessary.

How do vitamins influence hair? What vitamins are missing if the hair is falling out? Let’s see the answers right away.

Importance Of Vitamins In Hair

Vitamins allow hair to have good health. It directly influences both appearance and strength. If you want to improve the properties of the scalp and thus ensure that the hair does not fall out, it is necessary to ensure that all the elements that the hair needs are included in the diet.

The dermatologist Olga Forero points out that, in addition to food, you can also use products that have the necessary vitamins for hair.

Vitamins That Are Missing If Hair Falls Out

For those who are sorrow from hair loss, you must first investigate what vitamins the scalp needs to stay in optimal condition. Then, it will allow them to be prioritized for intake through the diet or other means. Below we indicate the main vitamins necessary for hair.

Vitamin A


One of the reasons why hair tends to fall out is the weakness it can present, especially if it is frequently exposed to harmful elements, such as UV rays, environmental pollution, etc.

That is why vitamin A is so positive for your care. It has sebum-regulating properties that influence hair hydration, reducing the possibility of dryness affecting the scalp or the hair itself.

Also, keep in mind that the scalp is part of the skin, and retinol, derived from vitamin A, is one of the elements most recommended by experts for proper skincare.


Vitamin B1, also known as Thiamin, can provide a lot of energy to the scalp, which allows the hair to increase its extension. In addition to reducing and eliminating falls, it manages to strengthen the hair, preventing it from breaking easily.

Nutritionists point to some natural sources of Thiamin, including fish, peas and spinach. Its consumption should be moderate.


It is vitamin B2. Its participation in the health of the scalp and hair is essential because it positively influences cell regeneration. Therefore, the hair can renew dead cells, keeping it in optimal conditions. It also helps your good appearance by providing luminosity.

Due to its many benefits, vitamin B2 is frequently use in dermo-cosmetic products to care for and improve nails, skin, and hair.

It is enough to include protein-rich foods in the diet to consume naturally, such as eggs, milk and the different foods derived from it, fish, etc.


Niacin, also called vitamin B3, offers complete protection to hair, especially in diseases caused by fungi, which can cause capillary dermatitis. This condition is often one of the reasons why many people suffer from hair loss.

Another benefit that Niacin brings to the hair is that it favours collagen formation, an essential element for the proper operation of cells. It also helps maintain circulation in this area of ​​the body. All of this allows for strengthening the hair, increasing its extension, and preventing or stopping its fall.

Pantothenic Acid

Vitamin B5 also provides the care that hair needs to prevent hair loss. Moreover, it is perfect for correcting different problems. For example, we find the excessive presence of fat and conditions caused by fungi, such as dandruff.

Among the elements that manage to help hair, vitamin B5 stands out for its ability to make hair grow in a short time. That is why it is use in numerous products for hair use.


Pyridoxine, also known as vitamin B6, is another of the vitamins necessary to stop hair loss. It is due to its ability to increase the oxygen present, both in the scalp and the rest of the body. Thanks to this, the hair follicles have all the necessary nutrients to function correctly.

It is also an excellent regulator of the fat present in this area of ​​the body, allowing the properties of the hair always to be the best. To obtain all its properties, naturally, legumes, fish and eggs should be consume, among other foods that have a high concentration of vitamin B6.


Biotin is also known as vitamin B7. It fulfils an essential function in improving the hair’s properties and positively influencing hair loss prevention and arrest. In addition, the amino acids it provides to the scalp successfully achieve the formation of keratin, which is essential for good hair health.

Folic acid

Another vitamin that stops hair loss and improves its appearance is vitamin B9.


It is one of the best known for its essential properties for the proper development of the human body. These are the vital vitamins to prevent hair loss. Other elements also favour its good condition. Thanks to them you can look beautiful and have healthy hair.

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