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Eye Makeup Tutorials Write For Us

Eye Makeup Tutorials are extensive happening on YouTube — a hunt for ” [Eye Makeup Tutorials]” and “hair tutorials” returns over five million videos. This weekly series tests a mix of famous and obscure tutorials and shows you which is the best.

Eye Makeup TutorialsMakeup is not a one-size-fits-all solution. This applies to the shades you use on your face and lips, but it’s arguably even more important to consider when thinking about eye makeup. Depending on your eye color, specific eyeshadow shades (and strategic techniques) are the best choices to accentuate—but not overpower—your eyes. Enter vlogger Sona Gasparian’s Eye Makeup Tutorials for everyone with brown eyes.

Using a combination of chocolate brown, gold, then ivory powder eyeshadow that Gasparian layers and places specifically along the lids and lashes, she breaks down what looks like elaborate makeup into relatively simple steps at first glance. Girl with brown Eye Makeup Tutorials, give her a watch to see exactly what she looks like. Van Morrison would probably agree.

Soft brown and gold Eye Makeup Tutorials

This pretty eyeshadow-centric look uses brown and gold eyeshadow blended. Mixing is critical, and it’s a subtle yet festive look that looks so beautiful.

  • What do you need
  • brown eyeshadow
  • Golden eye shadow
  • Fine brush
  • flat brush
  • Brush for blending eye shadows
  • mascara

Brush for blending eye shadows

When it comes to blending eye shadows, there are a few different brush options that can be used depending on personal preference and the desired effect. Here are some commonly recommended brushes for blending eye shadows:

Fluffy Blending Brush: This brush typically has long, fluffy bristles tapered at the tip. It is ideal for diffusing and softening harsh lines, creating a seamless transition between shades. In addition, you can use gentle circular motions to blend the colors.

Tapered Crease Brush: This brush has a slightly pointed tip and is designed to fit into the crease of the eye. It allows for more precise blending in the crease area, helping to define and deepen the color. It can also be used to blend shadows along the lower lash line.

Dome-shaped Brush: This brush has a rounded, dome-shaped head and is great for blending shadows on the eyelid. It can provide a softer and more diffused effect. In addition, it’s beneficial for mixing multiple colors.

Pencil Brush: A pencil brush has a small, tapered tip, often in the shape of a pencil, which allows for precise application and blending in small areas. It’s great for blending shadows along the lower lash line, adding depth to the outer corner, or smudging eyeliner.

These are just a few examples of brushes commonly used to blend eye shadows. It’s worth experimenting with different brush shapes and sizes to find what works best for your specific needs and desired makeup look.

The cat-eye look

The cat-eye look makes the eyes appear elongated instead of your nose. The deep eyeliner color draws attention to the wings and the art you create. It may take some time to get perfect, but once you’re there, there’s no turning back!


  • Start by preparing your eyelids. Next, apply nude eyeshadow to eliminate wrinkles and provide an excellent base to work from.
  • Stick strips of tape around the rim of the eyes, aiming for the eyebrows.
  • Grab a matte liquid eyeliner. Use a size zero eyeliner brush if the wand isn’t thin enough.
  • Draw a streak from the corner of your eye to the tape.
  • Try to keep your hand steady. Otherwise, make small dots and connect them.
  • Keep stretching the line to get a perfect wing. When finished, fill in with black liner for a dramatic look.

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