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Funky Hairstyle Write For Us

There are no bounds when it comes funky hairstyle & co. That’s why for BN Do It Yourself we’re going to watch a tutorial on how to achieve a great afro-chic hairstyle for whatever event you have planned this weekend. If you are a naturalist or relaxers are your best friend, you can definitely pull off this hairstyle.

Funky HairstyleIn this tutorial, you will also learn 3 great styles to switch.

So without further ado, let’s join natural hair blogger Kys from and learn how to achieve these funky styles.

Spring is the time of change or renewal, and the sensitive feminine nature can’t help but respond. So it’s a good time to refresh your haircut, isn’t it? So what are your options? You can go for a completely new style or give an on-trend twist to the usual fit you’ve worn for years. In order to think about which direction to go, it will not be superfluous to learn about current hair trends. Many messy “bedhead” styles made on the basis of edgy shag funky hairstyle, among others, could be seen on the catwalks of the biggest fashion shows. We’ve collected some of the best ideas here, so be sure to check them out.

Chic, wicked and Funky Hairstyles

Reflecting a strong personality, they can contrast with feminine romantic styles with soft, flowing lines and clean textures. Chunky haircuts show the other side of femininity, and it’s pretty cool that a woman can look so different just by changing up her funky hairstyle. Unusual haircuts fit seamlessly into the modern casual funky hairstyle. And they look hot on special occasions too. Cropped edges of your timeless favorite bob or long edgy bangs with a little pixie are a great way to look fresh, young and trendy. The rich, clean layers and play with textures add a special ultra-modern touch that adapts your look to what’s trending at the moment.

State-of-the-art platinum tips

Blonde can be a soft and natural look, but platinum blonde still has an expressive rock star vibe. If you’ve exposed roots of super short hair… well, that just adds volume. This funky hairstyles also provides a great base for experimenting with bright or pastel dyes.

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