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All About Helikoptervlucht New York in 2024

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Helikoptervlucht New York translates to “Helicopter Flight New York” in English. This phrase refers to a helicopter tour or flight experience over New York. Helicopter tours in New York City offer a unique and breathtaking perspective of the iconic skyline, landmarks, and attractions.

During a helicopter flight in New York, passengers typically can see famous landmarks such as the Statue of Liberty, Central Park, Times Square, the Empire State Building, and the Brooklyn Bridge from a bird’s-eye view. The experience provides a thrilling and panoramic view of the city that is impossible from the ground.

Helicopter tours are a popular and exciting way for tourists and locals alike to appreciate the grandeur and beauty of New York City from above. These flights are often conducted by tour companies that operate helicopter sightseeing tours, allowing individuals to capture stunning aerial photographs and create lasting memories of their time in the city.

Top 10 Helikoptervlucht New York in 2024

Liberty Helicopters

Liberty Helicopters is a well-known provider offering various helicopter tours, including those with views of the Statue of Liberty, the Manhattan skyline, and more.

New York Helicopter

New York Helicopter provides a range of tours, from short rides to comprehensive experiences covering significant landmarks.

HeliNY – Helicopter Flight Services

Known for its professional services, HeliNY offers tours providing breathtaking views of Manhattan and its iconic attractions.

Zip Aviation

Zip Aviation offers helicopter tours with experienced pilots, showcasing views of landmarks like Central Park, Times Square, and the Empire State Building.

Manhattan Helicopters

This company offers various tour options, allowing passengers to explore Manhattan and the surrounding areas from the air.


FlyNYON provides a unique experience by offering doors-off helicopter flights for a more immersive and thrilling adventure.

Wings Air Helicopters

Wings Air Helicopters provides personalized and private helicopter tours, offering a more intimate experience.

Helicopter Flight Services, Helicopter Tours

With a focus on safety and customer satisfaction, this company offers helicopter tours covering a range of iconic landmarks.

City Experiences (formerly known as Helicopter Flight Services)

City Experiences provides helicopter tours that allow passengers to enjoy stunning views of Helikoptervlucht New York City’s skyline and attractions.

Sky River Helicopters

Sky River Helicopters offers a variety of helicopter tours, including scenic flights over Manhattan and the Statue of Liberty.

Before booking a helicopter tour, you should check for the latest reviews, tour options, and safety measures each company implements. Additionally, consider your preferences, such as whether you prefer doors-on or doors-off flights, and choose a tour that aligns with your interests and budget.

The most popular helicopter flights over New York

Taste of New York helicopter tour from €150

A helicopter flight over New York does not have to be extremely expensive. With the Taste of NYC Helicopter Tour, you fly past Ellis Island, the Statue of Liberty, the Brooklyn Bridge, and Wall Street in 12 to 15 minutes. A fantastic tour to admire New York from the air at a relatively affordable price!

Manhattan from the air: New York helicopter flight from €210

This tour is one of the most popular helicopter flights over Manhattan. You’ll depart from Manhattan Heliport and fly over Ground Zero, the Statue of Liberty, and the aircraft carrier USS Intrepid. Then, you fly past the Chrysler and Empire State buildings and back via the Hudson.

Evening helicopter flight to New York from €265

Flying over illuminated New York, it doesn’t get much more romantic! The view of the illuminated Statue of Liberty, the Empire State Building, and Times Square is unique. You fly past all the major highlights, such as the brilliant bridges that connect the Brooklyn, Queens, and New Jersey neighborhoods with Manhattan.

Ultimate Manhattan sightseeing from €270

If you want to see many New York, this tour is for you. You fly from Downtown Manhattan (One World Trade Center and Statue of Liberty) to Yankee Stadium in The Bronx. You will see the Empire State Building, the Chrysler Building, Central Park, and all the major bridges to Queens and Brooklyn.

Helikoptervlucht New York flight price

The prices of helicopter flights over New York vary from 140 to approximately 350 euros. Typically, the more expensive the helicopter flight, the longer the flight lasts and the more you can see of Manhattan. Please note that there is an additional $40 per person heliport/security fee for children. Downtown Manhattan Heliport charges this amount, which can be paid on-site.

Many helicopter flights depart from Manhattan Heliport. From Manhattan Heliport, you fly over Downtown Manhattan, where many skyscrapers exist, such as the One World Trade Center, the tallest building in New York. You then fly to the Statue of Liberty and Ellis Island.

From this point on, you will notice a difference in the helicopter’s route between tours. The cheapest helicopter flight ( Taste of NYC Helicopter Tour ) stays near Downtown Manhattan. The more expensive helicopter flight over Manhattan ( Ultimate Manhattan Sightseeing ) flies to Uptown Manhattan. You fly past the Empire State, Chrysler, and Central Park. Then you even fly to Yankee Stadium in The Bronx.

A helicopter flight to New York can be booked for every budget! In addition to the costs, it is good to look at the route and duration of the helicopter flight.

Private Helikoptervlucht New York

A helicopter all for yourself and your travel group? You can book a private helicopter over New York for more than 2,000 euros! For that amount, you can travel in a helicopter with six passengers, which is approximately 330 euros per person. How fantastic is having a helicopter all to yourself with your own family? Or perhaps you want to go out on a romantic weekend to New York with a helicopter flight for two. You can easily book a private helicopter over Manhattan via the link below!

Manhattan Heliport

Most helicopter flights over New York depart from Manhattan Heliport south of Manhattan. The helicopters depart from a large pier located on the East River. When booking your helicopter tour, carefully check where you are departing from. For example, the evening helicopter flight departs from Linden Airport.

Admire the skyscrapers from the air.

New York has an unprecedented number of impressive skyscrapers. These are the most important sights in New York. Today, One World Trade Center is the tallest building in New York, with a height of no less than 541 meters. The building started in 2006 and was opened at the end of 2014.

The most famous skyscraper is of course, the Empire State Building. The tower, built in 1930, was the tallest building in the world for decades. Not far from the Empire State Building is the Chrysler Building. The 319-meter-high building is one of the eye-catchers of the Manhattan skyline. The metal-clad Top of the building consists of seven arches, giving the building its unique look.

One of the most beautiful observation platforms in Manhattan can be found in Rockefeller Plaza (259 meters). You have a beautiful view of the Empire State Building, Central Park, and One World Trade Center from the Top of the Rock platform.

In addition to all the well-known skyscrapers, today, you will also find many luxury skyscrapers with apartments in New York, such as the Central Park Tower (472 meters) and 432 Park Avenue (426 meters). Prices of apartments in these buildings reach tens of millions of dollars. All the unique and gigantic skyscrapers make a helicopter flight over New York an unforgettable experience!

Manhattan bridges

The bridges that connect Manhattan with the Brooklyn and Queens neighborhoods are sights in themselves. The most famous bridges are the Brooklyn Bridge and Manhattan Bridge. They are true works of art and are over 100 years old.

For many tourists, the bridges are one of the great highlights of New York. Be sure to take a walk across the Brooklyn Bridge and view the Manhattan Bridge from the Dumbo neighborhood of Brooklyn. You also have a fantastic helicopter view of the approximately 2,000-meter-long bridges.

Frequently asked questions about a Helikoptervlucht New York

What time do I need to arrive for my helicopter flight?

You must be present at least 30 minutes before departure. So plan time for this!

Where does my helicopter flight department go?

Most helicopter flights depart from Manhattan Heliport south of Manhattan. To be sure, check whether this departure location applies to the helicopter flight you booked; some flights depart from Linden Airport.

Do I need to book my helicopter flight in advance?

That is not necessary, but it is wise. It is usually cheaper than booking on-site. You can also read up on your perfect flight at home.

How many passengers am I in a helicopter?

Most helicopters can accommodate six passengers.

Can I cancel my booked helicopter flight?

Cancellations can be made up to 24 hours before the flight. You will receive a full refund of your purchase amount.

What do I have to bring along?

Your passport (also applies to children) and, of course, a camera for beautiful images.

What is the policy regarding weight?

Passengers weighing more than 113 kg are requested to book an additional ticket due to the weight and weight distribution of the helicopter.

Is a helicopter tour accessible for people in wheelchairs?

Yes, the on-site employees are happy to help you!


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