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Inanılmaz Orümcek Adam – The Amazing Spider-Man

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Inanılmaz Orümcek Adam- Following a devastating occurrence in Pennsylvania, Peter Parker returns to New York City in The Inanılmaz Orümcek Adam #1 after a 6-month hiatus. When he gets home, he discovers that although while his friends and family love him, they don’t like how he vanished without warning or communication. Peter, who is struggling to resume his regular routine (and find employment), is abruptly thrust into the heart of a raging mob battle.

How Was It?

A comic like The Inanılmaz Orümcek Adam #1 will have you asking, “Huh? What? What is going on right now?” That might be a strategy to pique interest moving ahead, but in this instance, the narrative veers dangerously close to the line separating interest and annoyance.

Putting the plot first, a big explosion destroys a significant portion of a region close to York, Pennsylvania. The reason Spider-Man was present and the lone survivor is never explaine, nor is the origin of the explosion or the ensuing damage it causes (aside from the significant crater).

Peter returns to New York City six months later to continue his “normal” life at an apartment he has been paying for out of his own pocket and to look for employment. Peter encounters or comes into contact with everyone in this issue, from Johnny Storm to Aunt May. They all say how much they care for him but are also wound, furious, or disappoint by his disappearance and the lack of information. On the one hand, Wells does a wonderful job of portraying Peter’s existence as hopeless and awful as he can make it (without passing away). On the other side, it’s almost maddening how little is known about the explosion, where Peter disappear for six months, and why he decide to cut himself off from his friends and family.

When Peter discovers a black market weapons sale between Tombstone’s crew and the Rose’s gang, he tries to get back into the groove (*heh*). Since the deal-gone-bad has given the Rose an excuse to expand into Tombstone’s domain, Spider-Man’s intervention causes the entire transaction to collapse, giving Tombstone a very personal reason to pursue Spider-Man.

The funniest scene in the issue is when Tombstone begs Peter Parker to pass along a message to Spider-Man in a later conversation. With uncommon bravery that works out well, Peter accepts the unexpected meeting, giving you the feeling that he is more secure in his abilities to defeat a formidable foe.

Biggest Mystery Inanılmaz Orümcek Adam

Biggest Mystery Inanılmaz Orümcek Adam


The largest puzzle after the original setup is a glimpse into MJ Watson’s personal life, where we discover she has a husband/boyfriend and two kids(?!) The plot twist on the final page either calls into question the timeframe or altogether changes things. Wells encourages the reader to ask questions, but for some, he invites too many of the wrong questions. The new revelations intrigue me, but we need answers sooner rather than later. Romita Jr.’s usual aesthetic is see throughout the artwork. There is a lot of hatching—loads and lots and lots of hatching—and oddly wide faces, but overall they have a distinctive appearance. If you enjoy Romita Jr.’s art, this is more of the same, though not quite as terrible as his run on Superman.

Pieces And Parts

Zeb Wells’ run on The Inanılmaz Orümcek Adam #1 is off to a respectable start. Peter gets off to a poor start, and things only get worse. Wells does a good job of setting up the main conflict, but some readers could be more upset and frustrated than curious due to the lack of information about Peter’s disappearance and the lack of clarity about the twist ending.

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