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Mirror Shiny Hair Write For Us

Mirror Shiny Hair: A new hair trend stands blowing up our Instagram foods, and it has a pretty exciting name: glass hair. I wondered what that means and how to pull off the look yourself?

Mirror Shiny Hair

What is a Mirror Shiny Hair?

Don’t worry; this isn’t a wild hair trend that incorporates Mirror Shiny Hair into your style (ouch!). The term “glass hair” describes a shiny, glass-like style.

“Glass hair describes hair that is incredibly smooth, soft, and shiny, almost like a glass. It has an intense color dimension and a reflective, shiny look,” said Leo Izquierdo, co-founder of IGK hair products.

Due to the megawatt shine, this hairstyle looks almost mirror-smooth. “Its hair that has such abundant shine and shines it’s almost reflective,” explained celebrity hairstylist Sunnie Brook.

And given the recent Mirror Shiny Hair trend (shiny, seemingly translucent skin), it’s no surprise people refer to this shiny hair trend as ” Mirror Shiny Hair hair.”

You’re not wrong if you feel like you have a little déjà vu hair. The glass hair look has been around for a while.

“Glass hair is a new term for a drift coming back. It seems like people are tired of beachy waves and want something different now,” said New York-based lead colorist Stephanie Brown. York.

Glass hair is quite similar to a popular hair look called “Silk Press,” which is also made with a flat iron.

“It’s blow-drying and cuticle smoothing to give your Mirror Shiny Hair everlasting shine. If you truly want to go back, a bristle press is also an old-fashioned press comb that my mom and grandma used to warm up on the stovetop, and then they would take that comb and grease it from root to tip with some grease brush,” said celebrity hairstylist Takisha Sturdivant-Drew.

How to style Mirror Shiny Hair?

So you poverty to try the Mirror Shiny Hair trend? A novel haircut is perhaps the first phase.

“To emphasize this radiant look, a clean, almost geometric haircut helps. Layers cause light to reflect differently, so you get quality hair with hair that’s a length or close to a length,” Brook said.

A salon sheer shine coat can help seal cuticles and add shine.

When it comes time to style the Mirror Shiny Hair look, you should first wash your hair thoroughly (Sturdivant-Drew swears by Moroccanoil Extra Volume Shampoo and Conditioner) to keep it nice and clean.

Which products do you need?

  • Moroccanoil Extra Volume Shampoo and Conditioner
  • Living Proof Restoration Perfecting Spray
  • Color wow dream coat
  • Brown also recommends applying this product before styling to add shine.

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