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Natural Makeup Write For Us

In ancient times, women secondhand soot from earthen diyas to beautify their eyes and fresh extracts of freshly cut natural beetroot to tint their lips and cheeks.

Our new natural makeup collection is inspired by reintroducing these ancient rituals to our discerning clients with diverse skin tones, features and skin types. It is deeply enriched with natural fixings and a wonderful serum formula that beautifies lips and eyes, restoring their natural beauty.

Natural Makeup

When Skincare Meets Makeup

Rediscover the concept of skinmalism – when skincare meets minimalism to create a canvas that looks radiant and healthy – with new additions to the natural makeup collection. For a radiant touch, discover the Som Rasa Silk Skin Tint to use as the first step in your makeup routine.

Apply Noor Nikhaar Cheek Tint Cheek Mousse for a gentle color application. Complete your daily makeup ritual with the strengthening yet gentle care of Nayantara Clear Lash & Brow Serum for voluminous lashes and fuller brows.

Let your Skin Breathe

Before touching the sheets, always make sure you’ve cleaned your face of makeup. Your skin needs to breathe at night. Otherwise, makeup will clog your face’s pores and cause blackheads or blemishes. You can use olive oil instead of makeup remover. Apply a little olive oil to your face with a cotton ball. Then gently massage your skin to eliminate dirt and makeup.

Keep away from Aggressive Products

Mix ingredients like glycolic acids and toxic retinol from your skincare routine. These compounds can damage or irritate your skin. This is especially true for sensitive skin exposed to the sun. You should also avoid products with parabens. Products that contain chemicals and fillers have been shown to irritate the skin. Some harsh body products can even cause skin rashes. So use paraben-free, organic and natural skin care products.

Protect your Skin from the Sun

Speaking of the sun and skin, you should always protect your body from direct sunlight. Be sure to use sunscreen with a higher sun protection factor (at least SPF 15). A cream with a high sun protection factor can block both UVB and UVA rays.

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