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“The Pedulilindungi Apk application itself has been specified in the Decree of the Minister of Communications and Informatics No. 171 of 2020 as the basis for the implementation of tracing, monitoring and closure across infrastructures, systems and telecommunications applications in support of health surveillance,” the spokesperson said. For the Ministry of Communications and Information Dedy Permadi, in a press release received on Sunday (03/01/21).

Dedy said rumours circulating in the community that the Pedulilindungi Apk is vulnerable to phishing and malware and can steal personal information are false.

According to him, the Pedulilindungi Apk is guaranteed by the Decree of the Minister of Communications and Information No. 171 of 2020, which completes the previous decree, namely the Decree of the Minister of Communications and Information No. 159 of 2020 on treatment efforts. The Coronavirus -Disease (Covid -19) by postal and computer support.

“The ministerial decree has a specific character and aims to provide guarantees for the protection of personal data following the law. Therefore, the Ministry of Communications and Information reminds the public not to believe the rumours circulating and urges them to install PeduliLindendi,” Dedi said.

Pedulilindungi Apk is an app developed to help government agencies with digital tracking to stop the spread of coronavirus disease (Covid-19). This makes the PeduliLindendi app one of the must-have apps people have during this pandemic. Since it is intended for contact tracing, users of this app need to enable location or GPS when accessing the app. One feature the public is already familiar with is the ability to view and download the Covid-19 vaccination certificate. However, apart from these features, this app also has other features and benefits, namely:

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1. Tracking help to stop the spread of Covid-19 Pedulilindungi Apk

When using the Pedulilindungi Apk, Dulur will be prompted to enable GPS on the mobile device. Enabling GPS/location allows the government to more easily identify and recognize individuals through digital tracking of location data and information.

2. Zone information and crowd notifications

Dulux will receive information about the Covid-19 spreading area (red, yellow, green) according to the selected place/location and will receive a piece of news if Dulur is in a crowd. Dulux will also receive an alert if a positive Covid-19 infected person is at that location or if a patient is being monitored. In addition to the area map, this app also provides statistical information, which includes the number of people infected with Covid-19, the number of suspects and the number of close contacts in a sub-district, sub-district, city and province.

3. Vaccination status and Covid-19 test results

This app also has a feature that can show PCR tests or Dulur antigen swab results from a government-affiliated lab.

4. Scan the QR code Pedulilindungi Apk

This feature is needed when Dulur goes to public places such as malls, restaurants, offices, etc. Before entering a shared site, Dulur will be prompted to register by scanning the QR code provided. After studying the QR code, information about the place to visit, the number of visitors, the total capacity, and the Dulur vaccination data are displayed. This can be use to determine whether it is safe for Dulur to access public services.

5. Medical examination

Dulux may use the Teledoctor feature to perform independent health checks and consult with health workers regarding Dulur’s health status. This function will connect Dulur to telemedicine services of other platforms, of course, with different tariffs.

6. Travel diary

This feature contains a history of Dulur’s travel locations for the past two weeks. However, trips are only record if Dulur logs in with the “Scan QR code” function.

7. Registration of vaccine recipients

For Dulur who has not yet received a vaccine, Dulur can register for the Covid-19 vaccination through PeduliLindendi. Before signing up, Dulur will be prompt to verify NIK validation by entering NIK and their full name. If the NIK has been validated, Dulur can complete the form provide. In addition to recording vaccines, this feature can be used to view the vaccination status of vaccinated Dulur. The app will display information about the number of vaccine doses Dulur has received.

8. E-Hac

Previously, the Electronic Medical Alert Card (e-HAC) was a manual card that had to be complet for Dulur, who travelled by sea and domestic/international air. With the presence of the e-HAC function in the Pedulilindungi Apk, Dulur no longer has to worry about it when on the go. Easy app access helps meet Dulur’s on-the-go needs.

9. Digital Passport

This feature allows Dulur to view vaccination records and Covid-19 test results taken within the last 30 days. Certificates and Covid-19 test results can be download anytime, so Dulur does not have to print them out.

That’s it, Lur, some explanations about the Pedulilindungi Apk. It can be helpful too 🙂

Pedulilindungi Apk

Pedulilindungi Apk is an application develop to stop the transmission of coronavirus disease (COVID-19). Count on community concern and involvement to care for each other and minimize the risk of spreading COVID-19.

This is intend to monitor high-risk dense, crowd places, which will be helpful later in tracing the history of COVID-19 (contact tracing). The application identifies the status of the user’s contact history or Covid-19 case and their vaccination status. This is to support the government’s program to contain the spread of COVID-19.

In addition to the above purposes, this app is also use to register for vaccinations, QR scan for check-in/check-out and travel documents. Everything is collect through the PeduliLindendi app for the convenience of users.

No matter how significant your stake is, it will mean a lot to stop the transmission of COVID-19. The hope is that with Pedulilindungi Apk as a gateway and support, coupled with community involvement by downloading and using this app, Indonesia can soon be COVID-19-free and back on its feet.

* The Ministry of Communications and Informatics supports Pedulilindungi Apk, the Ministry of Health, BUMN, and the National Disaster Management Agency.

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