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Tatte Bakery & Cafe

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Tatte Bakery & Cafe, an Israeli-influenced bakery and all-day restaurant on the outskirts of Boston, is making inroads into the Washington metro area with two locations on the drawing board, including a recently announced one in downtown Bethesda.

The restaurant, created by pastry chef and restaurateur Tzurit Or, will anchor The Wilson and The Elm buildings in Bethesda. Tatte signed a 4,000-square-foot lease for The Wilson, located at the intersection of Wisconsin Avenue and Elm Street.

Based in Boston, Massachusetts, Tatte Bakery & Cafe expanded into the greater D.C. area in 2021 and has 6 locations. Potomac Construction’s strong relationship with Tatte has enabled the team to collaborate and construct multiple sites simultaneously. Our completed projects with Tatte include the following:

Bethesda, Maryland

Capital Crossing, Northwest Washington, DC

Downtown, Northwest Washington, DC

Clarendon, Virginia

DuPont Circle/Connecticut Avenue, NW Washington, DC

Foggy Background, Washington DC

Our completed sites with Tatte and those currently under construction have allowed the Potomac Construction team to achieve efficiencies by hiring qualified commercial contractors who work well with the Tatte team and us to quickly resolve any issues on site.

Each location is approximately 3,600 square feet and has several standard finishes, from its black-and-white colour scheme to the tiling, doors, millwork, and lighting, some of which are direct from the owner.

By Terrence Doyle

After all Tatte Bakery & Café has grown from a comfort food operation to a famous bakery in Boston, Massachusetts, in just a decade.

Tatte Bakery & Café is a micro-empire with 11 outposts snaking through the greater Boston area of Massachusetts. It’s the fastest-growing bakery and coffee shop in town, and with good reason take Tatte’s (pronounced latte) Harvard Square Shop in the heart of Cambridge, for example, in what founder Tzurit Or calls “the complete Tatte experience.”

On the other hand, O is also taking over the premises of the former Meiwah restaurant in D.C.’s West End, he confirmed to Eater in October. This location at 1200 New Hampshire Ave. N.W. is expected to open in the spring.

The Bethesda restaurant is schedule to open in November 2020. Above all located on Wisconsin Avenue and have a 12,500-square-foot common courtyard for retail tenants on the Carr Properties project.

“I wanted to bring Tatte to more markets and fell in love with D.C.,” Or said in a statement. “There’s a great and special mix of people from all over the world and a level of sophistication that I feel connected to. I felt that D.C. could be a wonderful journey for us.”

Tatte serves a range of pastries, cakes and tarts, some of which have an Israeli influence, as well as breakfast dishes such as shakshuka. A spicy egg dish commonly serve in Israel, tartines and sandwiches, which will be done with homemade bread, salads and bowls, served all day. Crispy halloumi cheese, a Jerusalem bagel, and an halva latte are other Israeli-influenced items.

Tatte now has 15 locations in New England, with six planned for 2020.

Wilson will be a 361,000-square-foot building with already signed office tenants, including Fox 5 D.C. and ProShares. The Elm is Carr Properties’ first multi-family development and consists of two residential towers with 456 apartments. The project includes 12,000 square meters of retail stores.

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Tatte Bakery & Cafe

Tatte Bakery & Cafe

You might be tempt to write Tatte off as a coffee chain. Afterward waiting in one of those epic lines and trying any fluffy creations, you’ll know what we know: Tatte is the stuff dreams are made of.

Born out of the lifelong passion of self-taught pastry chef Tzurit Or, a Tel Aviv native, Tatte launched in 2007 in Or’s home kitchen. He grew the business rapidly: from small farmer’s market stalls in Boston to the eight cosy and rustically decorated brick-and-mortar cafes in the Boston, Brookline and Cambridge neighbourhoods.

Days at Tatte begin with boxes and counters stacked and stacked with croissants, brioches, scones, pieces of bread, tarts, twists, meringues, muffins, cookies, cakes and rolls the shelves are line with granola. And other quick-drinking sweet treats while the espresso machines wait, ready to churn out one carefully craft photogenic cappuccino after another.

By mid-morning (or earlier), the pastry selections dwindle, as much as shelves start to clear. The same can’t be said for the lines. Don’t worry: the kitchens in these shops turn obtainable plenty of other hot and fresh Tatte-style treats. Sandwiches serve on homemade bread, salads, and other plate specialities (think: shakshuka, tartine. Pancakes) can be churned up and brought to your table or pack to go.

You’ll find each Tatte abuzz with fast-paced, social, open-market energy from opening to closing. Students, tourists, professionals, floaters, moms and dads gather in the soft, warm, white common spaces to share food, drink. And free-flowing conversation. Arrive early, take in the scene, and enjoy the sweet taste of Tatte. Also Read: Tattebakery

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