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How to Avoid Redness on the Face?

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Avoid Redness on the face is a mutual problem for those with thin or sensitive skin. However, other factors can also affect this discomfort, such as the winter months or excessive exposure to sunlight.

Whatever the cause of your facial skin redness, it is good that you know that you can reduce it with some treatments that you can buy at your trusted pharmacy. We will offer you advice, but first, we will explain why redness appears on the face and how to stop it.

What Causes Redness On The Face?

When we talk about redness on the face, we refer to the red appearance that usually appears on the forehead, cheeks, and nose. But it’s not about a little bit of colour. It does look very red and irritated. It is associated with itchiness. Next, we will indicate the leading causes of red spots on the skin:

Dilated Blood Vessels

Sudden changes in temperature or extreme climates (very cold or hot) can dry out facial skin, making it look tight or dry. In addition, dry skin becomes more sensitive, which makes it susceptible to irritation, leading to redness.

If your skin suffers from vasoconstriction, i.e. narrowing of the blood vessels, then when going from one temperature to another, such as heating to a cold external environment, you may experience burning and redness. When the vessels contract, less oxygen is received, and the skin becomes more fragile.

There is an increased risk of blood vessels constricting with age. Of course, this problem is not severe and can be controlled. But, on the other hand, if you do not attend to it, it can lead to difficulties of rosacea, among others.

Sun Exposure

People with fair skin tend to get irritated more quickly when exposed to the sun’s rays. It is because the epidermis is usually thinner than those with dark skin. Therefore, they are more sensitive to external agents, so they require facial treatments. Children also tend to have sensitive skin susceptible to redness from the sun.


Acne is another reason why redness usually appears. When pimples break, they can become infected and irritate, leading to red spots.

Some treatments can help reduce irritation and even fade the spots that acne has left in the past for those who suffer from this type of discomfort due to pimples.

How To Prevent Facial Redness?

We know that redness can appear for various reasons, including poor hair removal. Therefore, as it is an extensive topic, you must identify why your skin looks red. In this way, you can use the appropriate treatment

We suggest you follow these tips to reduce the appearance of redness:

Moisturizing And Hydration

If you feel that the skin looks dry, try to get creams that provide you with moisture, strengthen the capillaries and are suitable for sensitive skin. The best ones have natural extracts such as blueberries, avocado, Aloe vera, etc.

Moisturizers tone the small blood vessels, which reduces the appearance of redness. You can use milk to cleanse the face. And if it is for hair removal, use shaving creams that minimize irritation.

Use Acne Creams

An acne breakout can trigger a series of red spots if the pimples become infected, so use creams that help combat this problem, maintain good hygiene, and avoid touching your face.

Rilastil offers you a treatment to reduce spots due to acne or pimples.

Use Sun Protection

It is necessary to avoid the hours when the sun’s rays are strongest. And when you go out, even on days with little sun, you should use creams with SPF or facial sunscreen. It will completely prevent redness from sun exposure.

Avoid Using Alcohol On The Skin

Redness on the Face

Some lotions or creams have alcohol, which is suitable for oily skin but off-limits for sensitive or dry skin. Therefore, if you are in a picture of redness, avoid exfoliating products, creams or lotions with alcohol.

Treatments For Facial Redness

The best treatment is prevention, so we suggest following the recommendations above. But, if redness has inevitably appeared on the face, you can apply the following treatments to calm the irritation and not make the spots worse.

Use Cosmetics With A Calming Action

If you suffer from redness very often, you need to buy creams with a calming activity such as Rilastil, which is ideal for combination with oily skin, allowing you to restructure the skin. In addition, they give you a sedative action.

You can use masks that calm the irritation and avoid redness. This type of treatment relieves irritation, provides softness and gives you freshness.

Apply Depigmenting Serum

  • Anti-redness serums or creams are excellent because they contain nutrients such as vitamin C, retinol, and collagen, which will allow you to enjoy a clean face, free of blemishes, almost immediately. It is one of the best treatments.
  • Use cosmetics for sensitive skin
  • If you use facial makeup or any facial product, make sure it is suitable for sensitive skin.

What To Do If The Red Spots Become Permanent?

When the redness becomes permanent, you should go to a doctor. You may be suffering from rosacea, in which the blood vessels become visible and look like a spider’s web. But, again, the specialist is best suited to make the diagnosis.

It usually happens in fair-skinned people. If that is your case, you must follow the advice and treatments already exposed with more incredible determination, along with a diet free of toxic things such as tobacco. Of course, depending on the frequency of this discomfort, it is convenient to go to the doctor to explain what changes you should make in your lifestyle.


It is essential to note that regardless of whether this avoid redness lasts a few hours or even days, it is a chronic condition that no treatment can eliminate. So instead, there is a treatment to reduce the appearance of redness or reduce irritation, allowing your skin to recover faster.

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