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Human Hair Eyebrows Instead Of Silk

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Human Hair Eyebrows Instead Of Silk because the newest eyebrow trend is the arched, fluffy, and full brows. Unfortunately, this has been a real hassle for most ladies to achieve. While some are suffering from confirmed hair loss cases, some have medical conditions impeding the growth of their hair. Some are even yet to recover from overplucking their brows.

Whichever the case may be, there is always a solution– the eyebrow wig. You can get the perfect brow type you’ve envisioned with this wig. However, there is a controversy around it.

Since fake eyebrows made from different materials – human hair or silk – there is confusion about which one to choose. The silk eyebrow wig or the human hair eyebrow wig?

This post gives clarity to the issue and answers the question of why you should choose human hair eyebrows instead of silk ones. Read on to find out more!

What Exactly Are Eyebrow Wigs?

In simple words, eyebrow wigs are wigs for the brows. They are made of natural hair, or faux hair strand arrange on lace or gel-like base or backing, cut in the shape of eyebrow.

And, They come in different colours, ranging from blonde to darker shades, depending on your skin tone and preference. They also come in different shapes. There are arch ones, flat ones, and fluffy ones.

Human Hair Eyebrow Wigs

Human Hair Eyebrows

Benefits of Human Hair Eyebrow Wigs Over Silk Eyebrow wigs.

Fake human hair eyebrow gives a fuller and more natural-looking effect on the brows than the silk one. It is attribute to the material they are made from.

Each hair strand is inserted into a clear, skin-like, and gel-like base. The base is a mixture of polyurethane and silicone. The polyurethane gives it the rubber or gel-like effect, while the silicone makes it feel and look like natural skin.

  • They are comfortable to wear, especially on shaved eyebrows or minimal hair.
  • They are easy to wear, remove, and clean
  • And, They can be reused for up to 3 months when properly cared for.
  • They can also be resize.

Human hair fake eyebrows will not pull out your natural brows. Although the adhesive is use for fitting the brow wig, no hair is lost. It is because the wig has a skin-like backing, unlike the lace of the silk ones. So when pull off, they slide over the brows, and they don’t get stuck. But the same cannot be said for the fake silk eyebrows.

How To Apply Human Hair Fake Eyebrow?

First off, start with a clean face. Next, clean the brow area thoroughly and carefully to remove oil and makeup. Exfoliate if you must.

Next is to mark the start and the endpoint on your brow with a brow pencil. Measure the wig against your brows to compare the length and size. You can trim off the excess.

Apply a little amount of glue to the back of the fake eyebrow and spread it all over with a tail comb. Ensure to use as little glue as possible. Please leave it dry a little (10 to 15 minutes) to become tacky before applying it to your brows.

  • Place it gently on your brows and align it with the marked lines.
  • Press down on it firmly for up to a minute until the adhesive set

The next part is my favourite part. Groom the brow wig. The aim here is to match your wig with your face. Trim stray hairs and apply gel to hold the strands in a fixed place. Don’t forget to highlight with a concealer to give your brows more definition.

Dust powder on it to finish off the natural effect.

How To Remove Fake Eyebrows?

  • To be precise, you remove fake eyebrows with a cotton swab and a glue remover, oil-based ones.
  • Soak the swab in the remover and dab your brows to soften the glue.
  • Gently peel off the eyebrow starting from the inner corner.
  • When it comes off, remove glue residue from it with a cleanser
  • Rinse it in cool water
  • Allow it to air dry and carefully brush it with a spoolie
  • This technique can also use to loosen up the wig to make it bushier

How To Resized The Fake Eyebrows?

Brow wigs cut to the desire shape. To do that, carefully pull back the hair to reveal more gel backing. She was then etch between the strands to avoid cutting off all the inches.

You can also trim the hair to your desired length. Here you need to bend the wig to expose more hair to get the proper size. Again, ensure to cut with sharp scissors using precise strokes not to damage the hair strands.

Where To Get Human Hair Eyebrow Wig?

Appearance Online store is what you need. You can get fake eyebrows of professional quality, all of which are hand-made. Although they are design for those without eyebrows, you can follow the trend too – if you’re willing to shave off your brows. Appearance fake eyebrows worn for up to seven days without taking them off. They also can last up to 3 months before replacing them.


The mocha arched fake eyebrows and the dark brown arched brow wig. They also worn with wig glue and enhance with brow pencils. Alternatively, you can try out the eyebrow stickers. They give the illusion of natural brows and have the same effect as the eyebrow wig, except that it is a sticker ink.

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