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lug sole loafers for women

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lug sole loafers for women: For those unfamiliar with the beefed-up sibling of the classic slip-on, the cleated sole can be neatly divided into two parts: the cleated sole and (you guessed it!) the loafers. Typically signalled by a leather or suede material and often associated with the classic penny design on the shoe’s upper, the notched lug sole loafers differs from their summer counterparts due to their sturdy sole.

More in line with something you’d find in a walking shoe or combat boot, the rubber outsole of a lugged-soled moccasin (in recent years, unique outsole technology like Vibram takes come to dominate the base of the shoe). hybrid shoes) perform significantly better in the uncertainty and transitional climates of fall and winter. Although they lose a degree of formality, the extra height and rugged traction allow the style to navigate in crippling conditions for a traditional loafer…meaning they’re the best choice for rocking the scorching style all year.

You may have seen my search for the best-ridged lug sole loafers for spring. After hesitating and hesitating over which pair to keep because I adored so many of them, I decided that the ones I found the most exciting were the lighter ones from Dolce Vita. There’s something fresh and fun about a pair of white shoes, especially at this time of year. But honestly, I would use them anytime.

how to wear lug sole loafers

how to wear lug sole loafers

However, the question is how exactly to wear ridged loafers, as the look is concrete. You can’t put on a pair of loafers with something old and expect it to work, which, when you think about it, is valid for just about anything in your wardrobe. With striped loafers, you want to create a look. You don’t just want to wear these shoes because they’re big, they’re chunky, and with the wrong pants, you might stand out like a gloomy sheep in a field of white. . So I’m going to go old school and share some looks I’ve created (when was the last time I did a stake like this?), give you some tips, and show you some faces. Wear loafers with notched soles.

Like their smaller-soled brethren, notched-lug sole loafers are a plate best served with…anything. A pair of organized chinos or even a new fall outfit is certainly not out of the question, but the style is just as perfect with jeans and a hoodie. Our main advice? Attire socks.

To help you discover the right pair of ridged loafers for your little feet, we’ve highlighted a variety of off-road styles in a variety of price points and features. G.H. Bass and L.L. Bean have Paraboot and Prada, the 12 best ridged sole loafers for men to wear this fall.

what to wear with lug sole loafers

While I love white shoes (OK…OK, in this case, it’s a bit ivory), sometimes they can be a little trickier. (Although I’d say I have shorter legs and a lighter complexion, I have a similar issue with a black pair.) I always like a good style challenge, so I’ve gone through some of my favourite pieces to see what works best. We’re going to style them in several ways… See if your favourite combo lines up with mine!

With a blazer and a printed t-shirt

Spoiler alert: this is my favourite look. Preppy-meets-grunge pillar will always be my most treasured combination. Haha, #90sgirlforever. Keeping the blazer and t-shirt darker here makes it less overdone overall, although we have a patterned blazer AND a printed t-shirt. Slightly darker, albeit faded, denim jeans also make it easier to mix and match and create the white loafer’s shine.

With a black sweater and blue jeans

This might become the case that white shoes are more accessible to match than black shoes for me. These white loafers pair well with various blue washes and cuts. I don’t have the same luck with black shoes when trying to style them. They tend to cut the length of my legs more. But the white is not so heavy, and it may also be a new spring update.

Lug sole loafers women

Lug sole loafers women

When I was cutting-edge in my initial twenties, I remained a person just getting started. Whether he’s driving me to the office, a night out with friends, a weekend stroll, or the grocery store, you might find me wearing a pair of heeled ankle boots. But after a few years of running around town with two more inches under my feet, I longed for something a little easier to move into, something I could wear all day without exhaustion, something flatter.

I had avoided apartments for some reasons, but mainly because I’m relatively petite. At only five feet three inches tall, I liked my appearance with a bit more height and adjusted the silhouettes of my outfits accordingly. Early in my career in the accessories department at Vogue, I became familiar with many lug sole loafers, and I mean a lot. A classic loafer was always available in various sizes in case stylists needed a pair or two for upcoming shoots. Some of my colleagues were running around the office in similar pairs. Inspired, I decided I wanted to try one out, hoping it might work for me too.

I decided to try a cheap pair if I didn’t like them. The first loafer I bought was a shiny, slightly dirty pair from Zara. Although I wanted to make them work, I still wasn’t sold. I struggled to wear them with my floor-skimming pants but liked how they looked with flared shorts or jeans and socks. After some trial and error, I welcomed the flat loafer into my wardrobe and upgraded my training wheelset to something more legit.

I swapped my plastic Zaras for a friendly classic Scarosso style. Later that year, I found a pair of deeply discounted Loewes at Woodbury Mall (the famous discount designer’s shopper’s paradise, a short bus ride from Manhattan). I knew I loved loafers for the long haul when I found them. I started to prefer wearing them over my heeled boots, and I emptied and tidied up part of my closet to save for a notched-sole Gucci version I had in mind. One could even say that he was “crazy”.

how to style lug sole loafers

The lug sole loafers, the better. Since then, I have taken the opposite path, favouring thin sandals, small heels and fancy ankle boots over the heavier shoes of my youth. But lately, there has been a change. I’ve already shared my newfound love of ridged-soled boots, and in the meantime, I’ve managed to find the quintessential moccasin that my teenager would have approved of. Although I wondered at first how versatile they were, I’ve found that they work with just about everything, from pants and skirts to dresses and casual ensembles.

I love the look of lug sole loafers with slightly cropped jeans. I rocked the top by offsetting the androgynous vibe with a cute crop top or embracing it entirely with a concert tee and blazer.

Men’s Lug Sole Loafers

G.H. Bass Larson Penny Lugged Sole Loafers

Not sure if the ridged sole moccasin is for you? The affordable G.H. Bass Larson turns out to be the perfect pickup. We appreciate the style for its mediocre design,

Hand-stitched Penny Bison Allagash Loafers by L.L. Beans

Allagash Moccasins are undoubtedly the buffalo hide surrounding the shoe. While all the loafers on this list have sturdy lug soles. Few have a reinforced upper that’s as durable as L.L. Bean.

Camper Walden Penny Moccasin

Isn’t the serrated sole bold enough for your sartorial leanings? Camper’s bulbous shape and bold colour should help it stand out perfectly. That’s not to say they’re not functional either. A traction sock liner and synthetic waterproofing ensure they’d be at home, well, camping.


lug sole loafers prove that you don’t always have to sacrifice comfort to kill; beauty is not always a pain. Slugs show they remain a timeless fashion item. And the recent makeup they’ve been put under shows they’re a style that’s here to stay. And I am for.

I hope you find this style guide inspiring enough to choose or create your style. Either way, have fun doing it. So go out and buy a pair and style them however you see fit. And, of course, let me know how it goes in the comments section.

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