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Guidelines For Selecting The Perfect Panties To Complement Any Ensemble

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From your bra, to accessories, the right lingerie plays an integral role in your overall appearance. Similarly, the right bottom wear can boost your confidence and comfort level. When your underwear aligns with your apparel, you can take on the day in style.

While selecting your panties, do consider your pant or skirt style. If your closet is full of fancy skirts, suit pants, and jeans, then you need different panties suitable to wear beneath them.

Yet another aspect to consider is your body type – you may need different panties for your specific body shape that match with your outer apparel.

The variety of choices can seem overwhelming, so here’s a guide to help you choose the right options and make your life comfortable.

High-Waisted Panties

This panty style is suitable for skirts and pants. It gives you a retro look along with adequate coverage and support.


You can switch your normal panties with stylish boy shorts and still enjoy the same comfort. Party-wear gowns, skirts, and loose trousers are common bottom-wear options to pair with this panty style. Moreover, as they eliminate visible panty lines, you do not have to compromise on your style quotient.


This panty style offers low coverage and is perfect for tight-fitted bottom wear to give you a flawless outline. You do not have to struggle with the visible panty lines; instead, enjoy the smooth fabric and seamless appearance to enhance your overall look.

Bikini Briefs

These briefs are comfortable and suitable for almost all apparel – an ideal combination of style and coverage. They are low rise on the hip with adequate bottom coverage. You can wear them under skirts, jeans, or casual shorts.

Hipster Briefs:

This comfortable panty style offers a little more coverage than a bikini cut as they sit higher on the hip. They can be paired with almost all types of outfits.

Shapewear Brief

A good-quality shapewear is a good choice to enjoy a contoured and sleek look. High-waisted shaping panties provide a seamless silhouette and the support you desire. They are ideal underneath fitted dresses or pants.

How to Match Panty Fabrics with Your Apparel?

Apart from the panty style, the fabric is equally important when selecting a panty. You can consider the following fabrics when choosing a panty:


This fabric is suitable for everyday wear as it allows you to breathe and stay comfortable throughout the day. They are suitable to wear in warm weather and pair with casual ensembles as the smooth cotton fabric allows you to stay dry.


Panties made of this fabric have a soft feel and can be worn under tight-fitting clothes. Microfiber panties offer smooth outlines and snug fit thanks to the elastic nature of the fabric. They add a refined touch to your dress or tailored trousers.


These panties offer adequate breathability and enhance your femininity. These lace panties are suitable for skirts and dresses as they demonstrate class and comfort. The lace fabric is soft to the touch, and hence it is the perfect choice for special occasions like a wedding, romantic date nights, and romantic getaways.


These silk panties are usually worn on special days as they enhance your appeal and give you a seamless appearance. The soft fabric does not make you struggle, even after wearing them for long hours.

Panties for Appropriate Occasions

Here are a few examples of special events that require specific panties:


You need a comfortable panty for long hours at your office. Seamless cotton panties in bikini or hipster cut offer support are suitable to wear at the workplace.

Date Night

Lace or silk panties are appropriate for such occasions. These panties are available in different styles and colors that are appealing and comfortable.

Active Wear

You need a fabric that can keep you dry, as you sweat a lot while exercising. You need panties made of moisture-wicking fabrics such as spandex and nylon, among others. These athletic panties reduce chaffing or rashes on your skin.

Formal Events

Events like this demand that you to have a good appearance. You need fine apparel and reliable lingerie to enjoy such a sophisticated look. A good quality bra and panty to complement your designer apparel can enhance your demeanor. Smooth and comfortable fabric panties without visible panty lines are suitable for these events. You can also opt for a shapewear style if you need to smoothen out your curves.

Wacoal Panties for Women

Mystique Low Waist Bridal Wear Bikini Panty: This is a low-waist bikini-cut panty made of lace. This bikini panty is designed with smooth, soft scalloped lace in the front. This lightweight fabric is comfortable to wear for long durations. It has a sewn-in cotton gusset and can be matched with a similar bra for a coordinated look.

Cotton Full Brief High Waist Panty: This is one of the hot sellers in Wacoal’s panty collection. This everyday wear panty offers full coverage and is available in a pack of 3. This brief panty offers a comfortable fit. This panty combination is available in different shades, from nudes to bright colors, which you can pick as per your choice. They are an ideal pick for workplace and home wear under all kinds of bottom wear.

You can scroll through the Wacoal website to check out the different panties and bra styles available. The seamless navigation and helpful product information allow you to learn about different styles to make your purchase decision. The website is easy to use, and you can make quick purchases based on your preferences in a few swipes.

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