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IS TRETINOIN CREAM LEGAL IN THE UK? The legality of tretinoin is a controversial subject due to the strict medical rules in different countries. However, there are countries where you can buy tretinoin in a pharmacy or over the counter, while in some, like the UK, you need a certified prescription. The cream has been made popular on social media, as most influencers have demonstrated its results in the cosmetic industry. In addition to that, it has proved to show some excellent results in other conditions. Tretinoin can help you improve the look and feel of wrinkles with its anti-ageing qualities and reduction of acne. You apply Tretinoin for acne as a cream directly onto your skin. To purchase the cream in the UK, you need to have a prescription, and as a result of this, it is only available in some places, especially online clinics such as UK Meds. The article below will discuss why you need a prescription for the cream.

Reasons Why a Prescription Is Needed For the Purchase of Tretinoin in the UK

To purchase tretinoin in the UK, you must have a prescription from certified trained personnel as it is certified as a prescription-only medication. The cream is different from other drugs and creams that can be bought over the counter. In the UK, there are specific medications indicated as prescriptions-only medications; the reasons include the following:

  • Safety 

Prescription-only meds will come with higher side effects risks than over-the-counter medications. When the prescription is required, it is for proper monitoring of medications to see if they are working correctly. In addition, such creams or drugs are normally prescribed for patients whose condition is severe, and this is done by a certified trained physician who understands its side effects.

  • Monitoring reasons 

Prescription meds are normally more complex than over-the-counter creams. After issuing the prescription, the health officer ensures they closely monitor its dosages and other factors that might come after its usage.

  • Possibility of misuse 

As with other medications, there is the possibility that Tretinoin can be misused. It is important that you only use Tretinoin for acne, or the condition that it has been prescribed to treat. As a prescription medication, Tretinoin is much stronger than other over-the-counter alternative retinol creams, however, some people can confuse the two and use Tretinoin more haphazardly. This is classed as misuse and can increase the risk of side effects.


In the UK, you need a prescription to use Tretinoin. The cream is inappropriate for individuals with specific medical conditions, and you should discuss it with a specialist before you start using the medication. You should not use this medication during pregnancy, while breastfeeding, whilst using certain medications, or when you are bare to the sun for extended periods. If you have the conditions above, consult the doctor or health care provider before taking your prescription.

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