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When it comes to eye makeup, alt eyeliner is essential to spice up your look and give you that aesthetic appeal you want them to provide.

While lashes are great for completing the entire look, they also take your eye makeup to a whole new level, but it can be uncomfortable for people who aren’t used to them or don’t wear them at all due to personal issues or which they are, of course, blessed with it. #lashgoals

As someone who struggles with lashes, simple eyeliner looks are great as it doesn’t take a lot of time, and using a lot of product tends to give off a more mature vibe that we need to start the day, especially in the dark Period: quarantine days and video conferencing.

While I have no problem drawing a pointed wing, the same cannot be said of my friends and others who have trouble removing a simple wing liner.

Here are some tips to up your alt eyeliner game.

GLITTER Eyeliner

GLITTER EyelinerWhile the glitter can get messy and tends to splatter all over the place in its loose form, the glitter liner that goes beyond your usual black alt eyeliner gives the Barbie doll any fantasy you have. Using it alone is great, but the sequin lining on your black-winged lining gives it a wild yet feminine look.

This look is suitable for alt eyeliner with mono or double lids. However, using a shiny glitter liner on the bottom lashes for other eye types can help them stand out and give you that anime look.

Eyeliner ALT

Alt eyeliner STAMPThe whole world loved Ariana Grande’s makeup, especially her eyeliner in her “Rain On Me” music video with Lady Gaga. Upon its release, the music video became one of the most searched looks on the internet.

Not only does he denounce the white alt eyeliner look, but he also develops an alternative look that draws eyeliner in other places like the crease of the eyelid.

Alt liner looks can easily pull off any eye shape, even notoriously fussy hooded eyes. It redefines the crease and elevates the alt eyeliner in a mysterious yet alluring way.

Alt eyeliner STAMP

Alt eyeliner STAMP (1)

On days when drawing a wing is a chore, we still need to create cute looks, and a dab of eyeliner will save that look. The great thing about alt eyeliner stamps is that they help beginners draw their wing (YES, wing liner stamps exist) and provide a matching stamp shape for a much more creative look!

Harley Quinn’s iconic heart beneath her alt eyeliner may be part of her tattoo, but comic book fans who want to cosplay as she could quickly dab with a heart-shaped eyeliner to ensure a perfectly drawn heart is obtained.

Eye pads are perfect for effortlessly creating a playful girl/boy look.

Alt eyeliner: ON THE RISE

Alt eyeliner_ ON THE RISEAlt eyeliner_ ON THE RISELike e-girl and goth makeup, alt makeup is all about celebrating individuality. Are you using beauty products to subvert traditional beauty standards? count on us

Recent trend analysis shows that alternative makeup is making a comeback in the hottest makeup categories, and we’re here for it!

When we wear makeup, we often use the gesture: we try to emphasize certain facial features or hide others that society has shamed us for. Well, those days are over! Alternative makeup celebrates looking different. Like alternative music before it, the company is finally stepping away from the mainstream and focusing on creativity over vanity – not to say it doesn’t sound amazing!

How some of our favorite alternative beauties go #Reckless with their makeup;

End the old and make way for the new! Dark lips top it all off for the ultimate drama. Try our Dauntless or Mystic lip light for recreation – you don’t want to turn heads when you walk into the room?!

3. Color lips

Color lipsSmudge Lip is an alternative to the dark grunge look we wear in alt makeup. Matching the eyes, this technique gives a more effortless combo. You can achieve this look with our Reckless Lip Lights with “Dauntless” and “Audacious.” Apply the product and start blending with your fingertips. Don’t be afraid to go past your lips!

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