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What is Retinol?

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Retinol is revolutionizing the world of facial aesthetics and is so prevalent in pharmacies and cosmetics stores it still raises so many questions. Consequently, this post aims to inform about its correct use, benefits, and precautions.

Benefits Of Retinol For The Skin

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According to the opinion of many experts, its main contributions to skin health are the following:

Rejuvenates The Skin

In this regard, New York dermatologist Whitney Bowe comments that retinol “has an antioxidant action against free radical damage, to prevent them from leading to visible signs of ageing.”

Promotes the renewal of skin cells

Retinol penetrates to the dermis, where new skin is synthesized. It can enter the cell and, once there, transform into trans-retinoic acid and bind to its receptors to promote the transcription of genes responsible for generating new skin.

Increases Collagen Synthesis

Among its functions are to stimulate the synthesis of collagen, fibronectin and elastin, proteins that give structure to skin cells. While on the other hand, it hinders the synthesis of metalloproteinases, enzymes involved in collagen degradation.

How is Retinol Used?

Most cosmetics with this derivative of vitamin A have low concentrations to be purchased freely. However, it is better to consult dermatologists and aesthetic doctors before starting retinol treatments to avoid adverse effects.

Retinol Is Often The Main Ingredient In Various Skin Products, Such As:

  • Oils for skincare. Its properties include the improvement of stretch marks and blemishes and reducing scars and burned skin.
  • They provide a sensation of softness, reduce expression lines, and stimulate collagen and hyaluronic acid production.
  • Face serum
  • A moisturizing base with a light texture that has a high concentration of fast-acting active ingredients, ideal to complement the action of day and night creams.
  • Best retinol creams
  • Retinol creams have become one of the most coveted cosmetics on the market, and rightly so, as it is a highly recommend substance by dermatologists and beauty experts.

A cream with retinol is expected to provide a feeling of smoothness, reduce wrinkle tension, promote the making of collagen and hyaluronic acid, and prevent cell ageing. Although there is a wide range of retinol creams on the market today, here are a few that stand out.

Gema Herrerias Retinol 0.3%

In addition to retinol, it contains niacin and chamomile extract. It is recommend as depigmenting and anti-wrinkle.

Natural Prisma 24-Hour Snail Slime Cream

It is express with a unique complex of pure retinol, snail slime and aloe vera for efficacy and tolerance on sensitive skin. It reduces deep wrinkles and smoothes the epidermis, thanks to its contribution to collagen. Similarly, it can be use in healing processes and is anti-inflammatory.

Farline Retinol Ampoules

Reduces ageing and wrinkles and improves skin tone.

Repavar Lip Balm Spf

This cream regenerates the skin of the lips and other sensitive areas. It can be use on delicate skin such as children’s. It provides an innovative formula that acts on wrinkles and expression lines.

Uresim Beauty Nutritive Pack Serum Ha + Cream

It is one of the most excellent retinol creams because it provides vitality and elasticity while restoring skin hydration.

Advantages And Disadvantages Of Retinol

Regarding retinol, the dermatologist Jaime Vilar says that “its primary function is to increase the speed of cell renewal and exfoliate, since it manages to eliminate the most superficial layer of the skin, thus providing a more rejuvenated and luminous dermis. In addition, it also stimulates the formation of collagen.

Advantages And Disadvantages

Advantages Of Retinol

  • It is very effective against sunspots.
  • Softens residual marks
  • It stimulates the creation of collagen, elastin and hyaluronic acid, making the skin firmer and more hydrated.
  • Regulates fat production
  • Improves skin texture and decreases pore size
  • Promotes the renewal and proliferation of skin cells

Disadvantages of Retinol

  • It has an irritating potential, so precautions must be taken when using cosmetics with retinol.
  • The main side effects of retinol are inflammation, redness, and peeling skin.
  • People with sensitive skin or rosacea or eczema should be very cautious about using retinol or avoid it outright.


In general, cosmetics can be use on any skin type. However, it is advisable to follow some recommendations to avoid adverse effects, such as these:

  • Know the particularities of the cosmetic. It is essential to know the type of derivative and the degree of concentration in which it is present. It is also necessary to know which active ingredients it should not be combined with, such as glycolic and salicylic acid or soaps and exfoliants that are too aggressive.
  • This must be apply progressively. As it can irritate the most sensitive or reactive skin, it is best to incorporate it gradually, starting with low concentrations.


the effect on the outermost layer of the skin, the skin becomes more sensitive over time and burns and blemishes may occur. Therefore, it is better to refrain from using them if you are directly expose to sunlight.

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