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5 Tricks For Energy-Guzzling Home Appliances

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5 Tricks For Energy-Guzzling Home Appliances: We all love to save money where we can and being aware of the energy you’re using is a great place to start! With the cost of living on the rise, knowing how you can use your appliances in a more efficient way is key to saving a bit of extra cash. Below, we’ll look at how you can ensure your appliances are working as they should, without draining your energy and boosting your bills. Read on to find out more! 

Think about your placement

When it comes to energy-Guzzling Home Appliances, your heating is one of the biggest! Whether you’re turning your central heating up to create a warm and cosy home for your family, or you’re plugging in an electric heater to keep you warm whilst you work, you’re going to be using up a lot of energy and spending your money! But don’t worry, there are ways that you can get the most out of your heating for a fraction of the price.

 One of the best ways to ensure that you are using your heating wisely is to think about where you are placing your column and vertical radiators, or heaters. Make sure that they are free from obstruction – if anything is standing in front of them like heavy curtains, sofas or furniture, the warmth is likely to be absorbed and your energy will have to work harder to heat the room. Keep your radiators clear so that the warm air can circulate the room effectively, so you don’t have to use as much energy, or spend as much money. 

Switch off

The lights that you use around the home can have an impact on how much you’ll end up spending on your energy bills. Although it is said that LEDs are some of the most economical, it is important that you still do all you can to turn lights off whenever you leave a room. Leaving lights on may seem like a small issue, but they waste energy, which can amount to hefty energy bills. Make sure you ask your family to help you with this and do a quick check before you leave the house – be sure to look in places like the garage, or the loft – places that could easily be forgotten about.

Think about the size

Generally, a larger Guzzling Home Appliances uses more energy than a smaller appliance, so it is essential that you choose the right-sized product for you so that you can avoid creating larger bills for yourself in the future. Choose a size that fits what you need – for example, if you live alone, try not to choose a fridge that cannot be filled, as this will be energy wasted. Similarly, a dishwasher that you cannot fill is not economical and will end up costing you more money in the long run as it is not efficient. So if you need to choose an appliance for your home, think about how much you need it to hold, and whether you can get your money’s worth.

Read the label

Thankfully, there is a trick that many of us may not even know about that can save us a lot of money, and energy. When buying a new appliance, it should state on the label how energy efficient it is with an Energy Star label which helps us to identify which are the most efficient. You should look for a yellow and black label that gives you an idea of how much energy a product consumes. There is also a system in the UK that ranks products from A to G, with G being low efficiency to help us make an informed decision.

Wait for your washing

Washing machines and tumble driers consume a lot of energy, but there are a few things that you can do so that you can benefit from clean clothes without increasing your energy bills. As previously mentioned, it is worth making sure that your washing machine and dryers aren’t bigger than you need because you’ll never be able to fill them! Wait until you have enough washing to make a load, especially with the dryer, as the more you use it, the more energy it requires. Filling your dryer means you can dry more clothes in one cycle, which could save you money. So be patient before turning on the dryer!


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