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Iconic london Illuminator Review, Price And More

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iconic london illuminator This highlighter is somewhat of a legend in the beauty world for being a favourite, and to be honest, that freaks me out. I’ve always preferred wet highlighters to total metallics and had pretty much given up on highlighters until I tried Dolphin Skin, this summer’s iconic london illuminator, and went back to using it, so I was ready to try Iconic London. Even though it’s brighter than I usually go for, I look undeniably beautiful in this photo. I will say it’s a bit more dramatic in real life. I’ll probably steal Lizama’s technique next time and mix it with oil or moisturizer to tone things down. Still, the colour is so excellent (I tried the Original shade), and the liquid does not attract my attention because of my scar or texture. I understand why it’s an essential on-camera, and I’ll keep it in my rotation for more glam days.

Iconic London Illuminator Review

iconic london illuminator reviewWe tested Iconic London’s Illuminator Liquid Highlight after review a free sample from the brand. Read happening for our full review of the product.

Summer is arguably the official season for glow, and it’s time to put together our highlighter collection. I need a shine that makes a statement sure to be seen. I’ve tried all types of highlighters over the years, from creams and liquids to powders and metallics, and each type has helped me create a glowing finish. However, recent trends have changed my approach to makeup. The concept of the “clean girl look” or “less is more” has taught many that fewer makeup products can be good for your skin while boosting perfect confidence.

This summer, I want a highlighter that beautifies my skin without overloading it with products, ideally a liquid formula that makes me look like I’m glowing from within. Liquid highlighters are versatile: they can highlight areas of the face like cheekbones, nose, upper lip and forehead, but they’re also great for use on the body. The result is dewy, shimmering and light – everything I love about a iconic london illuminator summery glow.

How to Use Iconic London Illuminator?

The beauty of liquid highlighters is that you can use them in many different ways. The most common areas to highlight are the cheekbones, nose, collarbone and cupid’s bow, although you can apply the product anywhere you need a shine boost. I used my fingers to blend this highlighter as I found it gave me more control than using a brush and created a more luminous finish. In my experience, combining a liquid highlighter with a brush or beauty blender limits the amount of highlighter that lands where you want it. Trust me: the magic is in your fingers.

Playing around with the Iconic London Highlighter, I realized another great way to use this product is to mix it with other skincare or makeup products. You can add this highlighter to your foundation, moisturizer or even your sunscreen if you want to add a touch of luxury. I tested this by mixing a minor amount into my moisturizer, which is an ideal method when you don’t want to wear too much makeup but want a shine that lasts long after the skincare products have set in.

Iconic London Illuminator for Dark Skin, which is better?

Fenty Beauty Killawatt Foil Freestyle Highlighter: Why We Love It: Just when you thought you couldn’t love Fenty Beauty more, Rihanna introduces a new lightweight, long-lasting formula for her premium powder-cream highlighter. Each shade is incredibly buildable and looks fantastic on everyone, especially those with darker skin tones. Overall, the Killawatt Freestyle Highlighter is incredibly easy to use and instantly melts into your skin for effortless blending. Iconic.

Which Iconic London Illuminator is Best?

The only makeup we need in our kits right now? A few drops of glitter can make all the difference. Whether you want to look tanned and bronzed or radiant and radiant. There’s nothing our best-selling highlighter can’t do for you.

Shade: SHINE For lighter skin tones. We’re obsessed with what this looks like when you mix a few drops into your foundation for an all-around glowing glow. For darker skin tones, it’s the most beautiful, high-impact highlighter.

Shade: GLOW For all the girls who love a sun-kissed glow, look no further. A few drops on the highest points of the face will make you look like you just walk off the beach. As a bonus, this material also looks great when applied along the collarbone.


Words cannot do justice to Iconic London’s Illuminator in Glow. How did I miss the hype surrounding this highlighter a few years ago? No matter how you use it, one thing is for sure. And this product will give you the light you’ve been looking for.

While I loved this highlighter, I wasn’t overly impressed when I first tried it. Luckily, it turned out that all I needed to do was prep my skin correctly to get the desired result. Used once in conjunction with my favourite moisturizing skincare products. The highlighter created an absolutely radiant glow that lasted all day and never got greasy. Lesson Learned: While no one product is perfect for everyone. Sometimes changing your application method is all it takes to turn something you’re unsure about into your new favorite product.

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