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Why All-Terrain Shoes Are Best For Men & Women

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All-terrain shoes are a type of shoe that is specifically designed to be suitable for use across a range of different environments and surfaces. These are useful for those who hike regularly or run or walk across loose or uneven ground. Many of the biggest brands in hiking and outdoor supplies will offer all-terrain shoes for both men and women. They differ from some types of trainer shoes as they provide more versatility across multiple surfaces, while conventional trainers offer a specific use option for their wearer. For example, a marathon runner would choose a shoe specific to marathon running. Here, we’re looking at why all-terrain shoes are best for men and women.

Dynamic Uses

All-terrain shoes are incredibly dynamic and can be used for all types of sports and activities outdoors. Whether you’re a cycling fan who likes to bike up to the nearest mountain range and then hike the rest of the way, or you prefer a slow wander across the beach followed by a bit of canyoning, no matter your loves and passions, the dynamic features of all-terrain shoes are the perfect fit.


One of the biggest perks of all-terrain shoes is their stability. As they’re built to give you maximum support and comfort no matter where you’re walking, they can help to keep your foot and ankles secure and stable. Typically, all-terrain trainers and shoes are built with harder trails and tougher conditions in mind and they can be perfectly stable for any and all activities. This is particularly important when you’re faced with the uneven ground which can easily cause an injury or a fall if you don’t have the appropriate footwear. However, if you’re facing trails and hikes that you’ve never faced before then it can be difficult to know what to prepare. The stability of the all-terrain shoe is a great safety addition to your backpack.


While you won’t be after as much cushioning in your all-terrain shoes as what you would a running shoe for a marathon on the tarmac, it is important to keep your feet, ankles and knees comfortable with some cushioning. As all-terrain shoes are made with all surfaces in mind, there are a number of highly cushioned options on the market, and some with a more in-between comfort level which can help to provide more support and comfort for your trips. The rock plate featured in all-terrain shoes can also provide protection against jagged rocks and rogue branches giving the underside of your feet even more comfort keeping you in control.

As you can see there are a number of benefits to choosing an all-terrain shoe particularly if you’re going to be travelling across uneven surfaces. It is important to choose the right shoe for your needs to keep your body and joints as safe as possible and to reduce the risk of injuries such as sprains or impact issues.

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