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9 Interior Design Trends You Should Follow This Season

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Interior trends

Interior design trends: With the changing seasons, new interior decorations are introduced while the old ones retire.

Some of you might love updating your life with trends… for others, it might be too hard to keep track of or too expensive even to imagine.

But this season, let this guide help you level up your home interiors and stay ahead of others.

1. Green Shades

Green is taking the limelight in 2022. Multiple paint companies and designers reported that people prefer this color because it gently reminds humans to stay in touch with Mother Nature.

Covid 19 pandemic compelled us to spend more time at home. So with different shades of green, we can bring natural influence into our home.

2. Curvy patterns

Nowadays, everyone is leaning toward soft and wavy lines instead of geometric and angular shapes to fill their home with a soft and light vibe. There is also a surge of interest in curved walls and couches, providing comfort in stressful times.

You can purchase Puffy sofas, comfy chairs, circular furniture, and round mirrors to add a touch of curves to your home.

3. Deluxe lighting

Interior designers pay extra attention to lighting as it has a great effect on our mental well-being. Lucerna lamps are in trend as they improve your mood instantly. Roman oil lamps were famous as Lucerna. The artist took the name from that lamp.

This lamp has the latest LED technology with a dual system, chargeable battery, and pull-out cable. All of them are wrapped in a protective waterproof metal case. Two types of finishes are available for Lucerna lamps.

The first one is a steel finish, and the other one is a brass finish. The contemporary design of this lamp adds a luxurious hint to any room.

4. Neutral colors

For a long time, neutral colors were popular for delivering a clean and modern look. But designers noticed a shift towards a little warmer neutral shade like camel, rust, beige, and taupe for painting walls, furniture, and upholstery. It gives out a cozy and happy vibe in the home.

5. Vibrant wallpapers

During the lockdown, since everyone spent 24/7 at home, people poured out their creativity at home. They choose bold wallpapers for the living room, bedroom, and working space to add interesting twists and an artistic hint.

Pick from landscape scenery, abstract shapes, human and animal figures, and geometric-shaped wallpapers to keep up with the latest trends.

6. Biophilic décor

The word Biophilia denotes the love of nature. With the biophilic design, designers use natural resources to create a sense of harmony between your interiors and nature. This kind of design greatly impacts our physical and emotional well-being.

Including plants in your home is a great way to add biophilic décor. Organic materials like bamboo, light wood, cane, etc., are also a great touch. If possible, maximize your home exposure to daylight and create stimulation of nature with nature-inspired colors for walls and furniture.

If you have indoor plants, add river stones near them to enhance the overall look. Further include preserved roses in a box for a finishing touch.

7. Differently shaped rugs

You have seen regular-shaped rugs in homes, stores, offices, etc. But the market is now booming with irregular rugs. The shapes and designs of these rugs are created so that they seem to own the floor. The unconventional shapes make them eye-catching and promote out-of-the-box thinking.

8. Sustainable furnishing

Many are concerned about the planet and want to reduce their carbon footprint with environment-friendly and sustainable products. So they check whether the products’ manufacturing processes or raw materials are safe for the environment.

Thus, the demand for sustainable decor, accessories, and furniture sharply rises. To go one step further, shop from your local stores to reduce fuel consumption and protect nature.

9. Flexible and functional spaces

In the modern era, multiple functional spaces are trendy because everybody wants to make the most out of their room. So, use fold-out tables and chairs and pull-out drawers to make your space more flexible and functional.

Over to you…

Interior design trends will come and go every season, so choose something your heart skips a beat for. If you can’t decide, research, and if you wish to maximize your investment, don’t forget to consult an interior decorator!

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