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The beauty industry is in its global gold rush, having exploded into a multi-billion dollar business over the past decade. Despite the boom in new brands and products, Black girl makeup enthusiasts still lack sufficient representation, shouldering the burden of fighting for their own visibility on shelves and screens. Although they shouldn’t have to the viral beauty trend that’s helping black designers bridge the unnecessary gap for themselves.

Why Black Women Are Turning to the UK For Beauty Tips

With 13 million views on TikTok and counting, the #UK black girl makeup. Hashtag is home to thousands of videos showcasing the trend. Drawing inspiration from the classic “soft glam” routine, UK Black girl makeup is a full-coverage method that looks effortless: think glossy under-eye concealer, a precisely blended (yet seemingly undetectable) foundation finish ) and a sensual eyelash.

UK black girl makeup

UK black girl makeup hosts step-by-step tutorials from the black British designers behind the look, as well as renditions from the American designers inspired by them. The end result is a flawless base that draws attention to the center of the face, throwing off the harsh contours of the late ‘s and bringing back the soft-touch glamor of the ’90s.

At first glance, UK Black Girl makeup is simply a makeup routine. However, the trend archives a special community that forms between black women with thousands of miles between them. If you’ve ever walked into a powder room late at night, you might find a group of strangers-turned-best-friends singing each other’s praises. Browsing the comments section of any of these TikToks evokes a similar sentiment, with Brits commenting a supportive “You’re one of us ” about hiring a US creator, while US users are praising the talents of “British girls”. . A digital bond cemented over a shared love for the black beauty:’As soon as I heard British accent???

black girl cosmetics

A YouTuber who goes by the name Melachild (and asked to have her name redacted) has the trend’s most viewed YouTube tutorial, titled “REVEALING THE SECRETS BEHIND  Uk Black girl makeup AND WHY ITS SO FLAWLESS….ONE MAKEUP TUTORIAL” created ” and with over 190,000 views. Mela attributes the trend’s high reception to a long-awaited moment of recognition: As a full-time content creator, she saw the difference in opportunities for beauty lovers and non-Black creators.

“We haven’t been included in a lot of Black girl makeup trends or beauty brands,” Mela said, commenting on the general lack of representation within the industry. “We had to work with what was available to us.” But Mela is all for making her UK-based expertise available to the overseas alliance and shares that she has a mostly American following on YouTube and Instagram. As black women are perpetually underserved in this space, she credits social media with “giving us the ability to tell our stories in real time.” Of their enormous range, Mela said, “Why not use them to make noise when others haven’t for so long?”

black makeup looks

“The look is all about showing off our natural features, whereas old-school beauty tutorials originally had a lot of strong lines that transformed them,” she replied when asked about the trend’s popularity.

The UK Black Girl  in particular is light on dark contours around the cheekbones and nose, instead applying a lighter concealer to the highlights of the face and working with rather than against deeper skin tones. Graham even adjusted her current makeup routine to include tips she picked up from other designers across the pond. Reflecting on the longevity of the trend, Graham noted that it’s here to stay, explaining that black women “have come back to take our wholeness back.”

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