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Beauty Magnetism

 Nail Art Designs Write For Us

Nails have long been an important measure of beauty and style. With a little polish and a lot of creative energy, you can make your nails extremely beautiful and eye-catching. If you want to be a glam queen, choose any “cutsies” from these beautiful nail designs and feel that there is no spirit as colorful as you!

Nail Art Designs (1)Two Tone Nail Art Designs

A two tone. Nail  is one of the easiest nail art designs. that can be easily done at home and looks super stylish. All you need are two different nail polishes and some masking tape. Lo and behold, you get beautiful two-tone nails home.

marble effect

Although the marbled effect is difficult to achieve unaided, with practice you can master the technique and achieve a wonderful marbled effect on.Nail

Polka dots

Polka dots are timeless classics, whether on dresses, shoes or nails. It is the most popular nail art designs For both day and evening wear.

French manicure

French manicure is always the safest bet when playing with nails. Girls, it’s time to get imaginative and ditch the basic French manicure. A French manicure in contrasting colors or with a touch of glitter can complement your style.

Matte manicure

How about matte nail polish or matte manicures this season? Matte nails have an exceptional class to make anyone pop in a look, and it is a perfect alternative for shiny and eye-catching nails.

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