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Blue Swirl Nails

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Blue Swirl Nails: Always been the one with bare nails or the classic French manicure? If so, you might be wondering how to change the look of your nails because you’re probably tired of having similar nails every time.

Adding color to your blue swirl nails instead of always going for neutral or white colors makes your nails look a lot more exciting!

I ALWAYS GO FOR BLUE when I want to add color to my nails.

The great thing about blue swirl nail polish is that it looks great on long or short nails, and you can use it to create tons of fun designs if you want your nails to stand out even more. Positive, blue nails are super trendy right now.

What to Consider with Blue Nails:

Blue Nails

So, if you decide to use blue nail polish for your next manicure, now are a few things to keep in mind.

First, you should decide which shade of blue you want because there are so many beautiful ones! My favorites are baby blue and royal blue.

Next, you want to decide if you wish to short or long nails for your blue nail look (and don’t worry, there are many blue nails looks to choose from for both nail lengths). Finally, you have to decide what kind of nail shape you want and if you’re going to create a design.

If you need help determining on your next blue manicure, here are 21 stunning blue nail ideas to try ASAP.

Blue Swirl Nails

I’m sure you’ve seen the marble nails trend before; it has recently been so popular. If you want to stretch it a try this season, I love how this nail idea looks in blue.

You can do so many different styles of marble nails with blue nail polish. For instance, you can use different shades of blue, blue and white, or even blue through other colors as shown above

Blue and Silver Glitter Nails

Blue and Silver Glitter Nails

If you love glitter, consider adding glitter to your nails with your blue swirl nail polish. If you want a glittery nail look, I recommend using silver glitter, as it looks great with any blue nail polish.

Watch this short tutorial to see how you can achieve a super cute blue nail look with glitter!

Royal Blue Nails

If you are not designing and want a more straightforward nail look, you can achieve that with blue swirl nail polish. Similarly hardest part is deciding which shade to use.

One of my favorite sunglasses of blue swirl nail polish is royal blue, like this beautiful shade called Royal Sapphire by MBA Cosmetics. It looks like your nails are made of gems, plus the blue swirl nail polish is free from 10 harmful chemicals and is cruelty-free.

Blue and White Nail Design

If you want a short nail design with blue swirl nail polish, I recommend you go for a classic blue and white nail design. Blue and white nail polish go well together, especially if you want to do a design like the V-shaped French tip above.

You can do it yourself with tape or have the salon do it, but I would probably buy these snap nails on Etsy because they have the perfect design for you.

Groovy swirls

This set was created by Kansas City, MO-based blue swirl nails designer Arriel Houston for her client Bria Douglas. Houston combined several shades of blue and lime to create this look. “It’s got this swirly ’70s aesthetic—super fun and cute, and it all goes well together,” she says. “It mixes old school with the new school.”

purple waves

Nails purple waves

Where do the twists and turns of this manicure begin and end? We don’t know – and that’s pardon we love most about this set from Chaun Legend. “I know I said I’m over the whirls, but there’s something about these colors I love,” Legend captioned this nailfile on Instagram. For this look, he used all the polishes from OPI: Bubble Bath for the base, Violet Visionary, OPI DTLA, and (P)ink on Canvas for the blue swirl nails.

Intellectual whirlwind

Miles created what she noises “Intellectual Swirl” blue swirl nails on editor Jihan Forbes. “It’s enhanced Similarly different animal prints (turtle, leopard, and giraffe) like she’s a very chic, well-traveled college girl,” says Miles of the look.

“At this stage of fashion and blue swirl nails art, we often think of animal prints as neutral colors, and combining multiple colors just lifts the mood,” says Miles. “Combining the mixed pattern with the color of the moment (I call it ‘Bottega green’) is the fashion zeitgeist, in my opinion.”

Retro daisies

Nails Retro daisies

These retro nails are an extra nod to the ’70s with that mix of daisies and swirls. Vu, who helps route her mother’s nail salon, Amy Nails Reading, created this set in September. To celebrate the changing of the terms, she combined fall colors like burnt orange and mustard yellow with brighter summer colors like hot pink and happy carroty.

To achieve this look at home, Vu endorses using gel polish. “With Gel, you can just erase any mistakes you make and don’t have to start over,” says Vu. “A thin, extensive brush (like this one) is also recommended to achieve precise strokes in a simple stroke. A stippling tool makes all the difference when painting daisies.”

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