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Since his transition from footwear to clothing in 1999, Mihara Yasuhiro has always brought his elegantly deconstructed aesthetic to the runway. She recently launched her Spring/Summer 2022 menswear collection, which is certainly anything but usual. Although he proclaims himself not to be adventurous, Yasuhiro’s designs offer an exciting take on familiar staples like jean jackets, suits, hoodies, and more.

Yasuhiro invites us to lose ourselves in his playful take on streetwear with a cinematic digital display of the collection that doubles as an excellent music video. In a conversation with him, we discussed issues related to the pandemic and sustainability and took an in-depth look at his thought processes around the new collection.

The title of your Spring Summer 2022 men’s show is Habitual. What does this mean about your creations, and what do you consider habitual?

I chose the topic “usual”, a word that seems to have different meanings before and after Covid-19. I think the term “usual” changes positively and negatively daily.

It is no longer a concept of everyday life. Extraordinary seemed to come to have the same meaning as every day. It is similar to the essence of my creations. It is something that is not done every day.

maison mihara yasuhiro brand

maison mihara yasuhiro brand

Check out this extravaganza: great clothes, outdoors in Asakusa, in front of a disguised audience showing their appreciation by raising their cameras and happily filming. And yet, according to Mihara, this last detail is illustrative of something so infuriating that she ended our preliminary conversation by saying that if she started now, she probably wouldn’t get into styling.

Originally dedicated to shoes, this designer’s eponymous label was launched in 1997. This 25th anniversary and his upcoming 50th anniversary this summer have placed her in a brooding creative space. As his translator, Yumi, said: “When he started, getting information was much more complex than today because there was no internet. So he had to form his thinking and create something for himself.

Mihara’s aesthetic evolution was heavily influenced by Tokyo’s broader passion at the time for Yankee or American Casual style, which was then heavily focused on finding the perfect vintage clothing. Much of this collection was crafted from vintage pieces from his archive, one of which was a wrapped rail as a backdrop for our Zoom. It was shown in Asakusa because that was the site of Yasuhiro’s first office; Yumi said “because” that’s where all the shoe factories were. He is grateful and has a connection to this region. Right now, he’s tired of this globalism and people using iPhones all the time; he wanted to focus on local family gatherings and gatherings of friends.

Now I can see where Mihara is coming from: we pre-digital dinosaurs remember what it was like to incubate our interests without constant interaction, not to mention the excitement of discovering content in that bygone analogue era. He has evolved the way tribes and style trends once became, super-geographically specifically until titles like The Face and i-D lovingly reported on them.

maison mihara yasuhiro sneakers sale

maison mihara yasuhiro sneakers sale

Sale of shoes from Maison MIHARA YASUHIRO

The Maison MIHARA YASUHIRO sneaker legacy began in 1997 and continues to thrive with this pair from Peterson. Still anything but usual, they’re accented with a distinctive dynamic outsole, curved to contrast the canvas upper. In contrast, the low-cut upper is sign with wise words from the Japanese designer: “wear your lifestyle, never forget love, have courage, believe in your creativity”.

Maison Mihara Yasuhiro has launched the Original Sole Overdyed Low Sneaker in its SS20 collection. This shoe has become popular due to its unique “meltable” sole.

But the time has come, and so it is. And Mihara’s specific brand of wandering surrealism is worth it for content creators with devices adopting his work as content because it’s truly unique. Look at these on-trend jackets with six fanny pack brands, for example, or this masterful multi-sleeve lined jacket in Look 50 (with the designer-turned-traffic-cop hammering away in the background). Even if you weren’t there in real life, you would want to be; cheers, Mihara!

How do Maison Mihara Yasuhiro shoes fit

How do Maison Mihara Yasuhiro shoes fit

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Maison Mihara Yasuhiro Converse


Today, Converse, the century-old American shoemaker, says some of the essential elements of his recognizable Chuck Taylor sneakers – obscure stripes and a rubber toe – are being co-opted by Walmart, Kmart, Skechers and others. And he is suing them, accusing 31 companies of trademark infringement in 22 separate lawsuits marched Tuesday in the United States District Court in Brooklyn.

But with Maison Mihara Yasuhiro Converse, owned by Nike since 2003, suing for damages, his top priority is getting the impostors off the shelves. To that end, the company is filing a separate complaint with the International Trade Commission, which can bar any counterfeit footwear from entering the country.

maison mihara yasuhiro green


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With ideas that are not limit by existing frameworks and extensive design work, not only shoes, but also stoic yet playful clothing, the designs continue to attract attention in Japan and abroad.

Born in 1972 in Nagasaki, Japan. He entered Tama’s Art Design Department’s Textile Bachelor’s degree in 1993. The following year, Mihara began studying shoemaking at his own expense. Two years later, in 1996, he launched his own boutique “archi doom” backed by a shoemaker. After graduating in 1997, Mihara changed the name from “archi doom” to “MIHARAYASUHIRO” and began to present collections.

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